March 24th – Nightly meditation and reflection

Tap into Life’s Energy

Life is not something separate or apart from you, as you once believed. There is a power, a life force, that moves, guides, directs, and inspires you. You are one with life, with life’s energy.

Do things that energize you, charge your soul. Soak up the sun. Soak up the color. Soak up beautiful sounds. Immerse yourself in nature, in a world that refreshes, restores, and renews. Don’t worry about the task or the day that looms ahead, the work and love and play, the problems and choices that are on the way. If you energize yourself, restore yourself, the power to take action will come naturally like water from a spring.

Look around. What do you see that feels right to do? Which direction do you see as the right way to go? Trust the smallest glimmer. Give into the urge, to the guidance that’s there. Do it once. Do it again. Soon you will find yourself in harmony.

You will have all the guidance, energy, ideas, creativity, power, and ability you need to do all you’re meant to do. And you will be given the power to enjoy it.

Taken from the book ‘Journey to the Heart’ by Melody Beattie

My reflection:

This particular meditation reminded me so much of my friend J. J has this ability to be so one with nature in almost everything she does – and not in a hippie kind of way just that she is so natural and in harmony with life. I think that is one of the reasons I am so drawn to her as a person – I’ve never had anyone in my life that is so free spirited, so alive in nature, so naturally wonderful. In the past few week I have felt myself because more in tune with life’s energy – more aware of it at least. My uncle recently passed away and there was a celebration held this past weekend on what would have been his 61st birthday – he was an artist through and through and surrounded himself with the most incredible people I have ever met. As I was leaving the party I passed a pile of logs and do you know what I found? A heart…plain as day – it was like he was smiling down letting me know he was still there. It was a moment I think I will remember forever.

Heart in Nature

He was an incredible man who died far too young. He understood me, he and I had art in common. I think maybe that is why I connect so much with J – She is an artist through and through – a complete creative being just like my uncle was. I like surrounding myself with people who “get it” and it is nice to feel loved for who I am and not what my family or others around me want to be. Having a friend like J in my life has made me come to realize that maybe I am an artist (I never considered myself one) or in the very least a creative being with some kind of talent to share with the world. I’m beyond blessed to have someone willing to see past the disorder and understand that I am still a person and she lets me know a pretty darn good one.

What does today’s meditation mean to any of you? Feel free to share and comment!



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