it’s almost friday!

So I had to hang out with my sister and mom today – she ended up LOVING the coasters so I think we are going to find a design she really likes and make them for favors for the “pre wedding” celebration party we are having 🙂 I had dinner over there, half a glass of wine and for the most part it wasn’t nearly as bad as the “girls nights” tend to be. Nobody pressured me with “why aren’t you dating right now” “have you gained weight” “have you lost weight” “Do you like anyone?” …so it THAT was nice.

Around noon my migraine FINALLY broke…I can not even begin to tell you what a relief that was. Things were THANKFULLY a little less intense at work today so I felt like I actually got to get some stuff done, I got to feel productive. M is hopefully back on Tuesday and I can not begin to tell you how much I want her back. I am so exhausted – I gave up a day off  because she had to be out (not complaining…I would do that for ANY one of the gals I work with in a heart beat) but I am just so tired and I never look forward to time off and all I wanted to do was veg out and do nothing! lol. I will get over it.

Just have to get through tomorrow and guess what…a weekend of NOTHING. Cleaning will have to happen but other then that I plan on doing the big fat nothing! lol. Yes that is lazy but you know what? I’ve earned it.

now for tonight’s meditation:

Wait for a timely action

Watch the surfer as he works his way out to sea. See him watching the waves, waiting for the right moment, the right timing, the right swell. Sometimes the wave comes quickly. Sometimes he has to tread water patiently for a long time, waiting and watching before he can ride the wave.

Learn to ride the waves of energy in your life. Learn to wait for the right time to take action. Learn to wait until your senses, your emotions, your body, and the universe give you the signal you need. Yes, you have a list of things you want to do. But as soon as you have made that list, visualized what you want, you’ve already begun a powerful force. You’ve already begun to engage the universe in helping bring you what you want. There are moments that are more perfect than others to initiate action, to make that phone call, to finish that task.

Untimely action will not get the job done any sooner. It will simply waste your energy and send you back to sea, waiting for the right wave. Focus on your goal, muster all your forces, and head out to sea. Then wait patiently for the right time, for the right energy, for the right wave.

The right wave will come. When it does, grab your board, jump on, and ride it for all it’s worth.

Taken from ‘Journey to the Heart’ by Melody Beattie

This one hit me HARD…right in the face (in the words of Peter on Family Guy it was a “pow right in the kisser”).  Almost 2 years ago I was living in New York and mostly hating myself and my life – I got a job back where I grew up and it was literally the BEST thing to ever happen to me. I took a chance, waited for the right time and the wave brought me to the greatest people I have ever had in my life, to my REAL and TRUE family. Moving home has been (regardless of the ups and MANY MANY MANY downs lol) the best thing I ever did. I am living on my own for the first time in my entire life (well me and Ruby my adorable cat), I have a job I am pretty damn good at and know what it feels like to have people really care about me.

I have to agree with this meditation…you need to focus on what you want and wait for that right wave to bring you to the place you need, to the place where you belong. I will say as much as I agree with this meditation I have a hard time with it – I constantly want things to happen NOW and much faster then it is going…so waiting is not one of my most prominent qualities lol 🙂

I do like the idea that understanding, acknowledging and facing the energies around us can bring us what we are looking for or what we happen to need during that time. And right now my mind is focusing on my bed and the wave that is approaching is telling me it’s time to curl up in my sweatpants and get some sleep….and I think my timing is going to be just right.

Goodnight all!


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