Last night’s meditation was incredible for me to read. I am sorry I didn’t post it last night but I am so exhausted that I didn’t have a chance to do anything except sleep lol!

Release old emotions

Our emotions and experiences sometimes lead us out of the present moment. Something happens – someone says something, we hear something – and a feeling crops up. Often, underneath it is an old feeling, a feeling from the past, an old chunk of energy that’s hidden in our soul, stored in our body.

We aren’t off track when that happens. We’re right where we need to be: off center and out of the present moment. We can use moments like these to heal ourselves.

Let yourself feel the feeling. Let yourself release the energy. Talk it out. Jog it out. Do what you heart leads you to do to release that bubble of emotion from your soul. Take as much time as you need – an hour, a day, a month.

When it’s gone, you’ll find a surprise. You’ve advanced on your path. You’ve learned something new. A new cycle has begun. An issue arose that provided an opportunity for healing and growth, and that healing and growth turn into a pleasant and welcome surprise.

Yes, sometimes experiences lead us out of the present moment. But if we stay present for ourselves, we’ll always come back. Changed. Lighter. Healed. And more ready to love.

Taken from ‘Journey to the Heart’


So this is a pow right in my kisser.

I have worked so hard as of late to be in the present moment, to experience what I feel and then attempt to let it go. It is such a process but it is true that if we stay present for ourselves it is worth it, that it ALL matters, that it ALL has purpose. I never would have believed that a year ago, I never would have thought I would be in therapy, that I would have completed TWO groups, that I would feel so complete (even on the days where things seem to be falling apart).

I still have a lot of old emotions that I need to let go – emotions that are taking up space in my soul, black and negative and now I am hopeful that if something triggers that emotion I will be able to experience it and let it go – so it will give me the space to fill up with new and happy emotions, wonderful memories.

A year ago I would have sat at home, never socializing and going out. Today I am going out with MM to the mall while her daughter shops for prom dresses and maybe later hitting up a local fave with J. People WANT to hang with me, people want to be around me…I enjoy that. It’s a strange feeling but I love it.



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